Business Week Survey on Information Technology by 800 International Reseachers

Last updated August 25, 1998

In the Business Week survey of information technology by 800 international reseachers (June 12, 1997), Stanford placed first in two categories (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) and second in Telecommunications. In the remaining category in the survey ("BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED: ARTIFICIAL LIFE, GENETIC ALGORITHMS"), the Santa Fe Institute placed first, Stanford placed second, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne) placed third. The ranking of SFI and EPFL arises from the continuing active work of numerous individual researchers.

The 'X-Lab' List (Ranked by Category)

Business Week's poll included this question: If you were 35 and had just won
the first Nobel Prize for Information Technology, triggering invitations to any
lab of your choice, which one would you pick? Most researchers didn't chose the
lab where they work. Here are the complete results, with labs ranked within
four separate research categories:

1st Choice: Stanford University
2nd Choices: Microsoft Research, University of California-Berkeley
3rd Choice: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Laboratory for
Computer Science (LCS)
4th Choice: Carnegie Mellon University
5th Choices: AT&T Labs, Bell Labs (Lucent), MIT Media Lab, Xerox Palo Alto
Research Center (PARC)

1st Choice: Bell Labs (Lucent)
2nd Choice: Stanford
3rd Choices: MIT LCS, Xerox PARC
4th Choice: AT&T Labs
5th Choice: University of Southern California

1st Choice: Stanford
2nd Choices: Carnegie Mellon University, MIT AI Lab
3rd Choices: Microsoft Research, Xerox PARC
4th Choices: AT&T Labs, IBM Research, MIT Media Lab
5th Choices: CMU Robotics Institute, Swiss Machine Learning Research
Institute (IDSIA), MIT LCS, University of Michigan

1st Choice: Santa Fe Institute
2nd Choice: Stanford
3rd Choice: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne)
4th Choices: IDSIA, University of North Carolina, University of Sussex (UK)
5th Choices: Natural Selection Inc., Naval Research Lab, UC-San Diego,
University of Illinois

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