Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited

Los Altos, California

Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited will consider providing advice and capital for start-up and early-state business enterprises that have exceptionally well-qualified people and promising market-driven products in areas such as computers, electronics, artificial intelligence, and other areas of computer technology.

Third Millennium generally makes initial investments in the range of $100,000 to $500,000. All investments to date have been made in conjunction with other venture capital investors; however, Third Millennium is prepared to function as lead investor in locating additional sources of venture capital funding when necessary in a particular situation.

The principals of Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited, Drs. John R. Koza and Martin A. Keane, believe their experience and expertise can be brought to bear to increase the probability of success for the ventures being funded.

Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited is willing to informally discuss concepts with interested individuals. Thereafter the investment evaluation process typically begins with a detailed written business plan.

Dr. John R. Koza
Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited
Box 1123
Los Altos, California 94023 USA
FAX: 650-941-9430
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Dr. Martin A. Keane
Third Millennium Venture Capital Limited
5733 West Grover
Chicago, Illinois 60630 USA
Phone: 773-777-1524
FAX: 773-777-0195

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